Working Session

On Tuesday, 15, a Working Session will be held, discussing issues of document versioning. It starts at 13:00 at the conference location.

Version control of documents is an important issue of document management. While being well-established in the domain of source code, version control of documents is still in its infancy. This Working Session will try to reflect on technical, organizational, and human aspects of document versioning.

The following outline gives an impression on the wide range of approaches and applications in the domain of document versioning.

  • implicit vs. explicit versioning
  • state-based vs. operation-based
  • general vs. domain-/application-specific solutions
  • approaches
    • diff/patch/merge
    • operational transformation
    • state recording
  • applications
    • version control systems
    • versioning file systems
    • collaborative editors

Attendees of the Working Session are invited to contribute, sharing their experience in this important field of document engineering. The Working Session will be organized by Ethan Munson.

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